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Oil Spill Remedation

Bypass Separator

Bypass Separators are used when it is considered an acceptable risk not to provide full treatment, for very high flows, and are used, for example, where the risk of a large spillage and heavy rainfall occurring at the same time is small, e.g.

 -  Surface car parks.
 -  Roadways.
 -  Lightly contaminated commercial areas.
Full Retention Separator

Full Retention Separators are used in high risk spillage areas such as :

Fuel Distribution Depots
   -   Vehicle Workshops
   -   Scrap Yards
Forecourt Separator Range

The Forecourt Separator is designed for installation if petrol filling stations and similar applications.   The function of the separator is to intercept hydrocarbon pollutants such as petroleum and oil, and prevent their entry into the drainage system, thus protecting the environment against hydrocarbon contaminated surface water run-off and gross spillage.
Washdown & Silt Separator Range
This unit can be used in areas such as Car Washes and other cleaning facilities that discharge directly into a foul drain, which feeds to a municipal treatment facility.

If emulsifiers are present then the discharges must not be allowed to enter an NS Class I or Class II Unit.

   -   Car Wash
   -   Tool Hire Depot
   -   Truck Cleansing
   -   Construction Compounds

Car Wash Silt Trap

The Car Wash Silt Trap is designed for use before a separator in car wash applications to ensure effective silt removal
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